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If you or a loved one is charged with a Ballot Measure 11 offense in Oregon, you need the best lawyers working on your case. Our attorneys at Coit & Payment provide outstanding legal services for Ballot Measure 11 offenses throughout the State of Oregon.

Q:    What is Ballot Measure 11?

A:    Ballot Measure 11 is an Oregon law that imposes mandatory minimum sentences for convictions for certain violent crimes.

Q:    What offenses are Ballot Measure 11 offenses?

A:    The following offenses are subject to the Ballot Measure 11 sentences shown:

Offense Sentence
First Degree Arson 90 Months
First Degree Assault 90 Months
Second Degree Assault 70 Months
Attempted Aggravated Murder 120 Months
Compelling Prostitution 70 Months
Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Murder 120 Months
Attempted Murder 90 Months
Conspiracy to Commit Murder 90 Months
First Degree Kidnapping 90 Months
Second Degree Kidnapping 70 Months
First Degree Manslaughter 120 Months
Second Degree Manslaughter 75 Months
Murder 300 Months
First Degree Rape 100 Months
Second Degree Rape 75 Months
First Degree Robbery 90 Months
Second Degree Robbery 70 Months
First Degree Sexual Abuse 75 Months
First Degree Unlawful Sexual Penetration 100 Months
Second Degree Unlawful Sexual Penetration 75 Months
First Degree Sodomy 100 Months
Second Degree Sodomy 75 Months
Use Child to Display Sex Act 70 Months

Q:    How will the Oregon lawyers at Coit & Payment provide me the best legal representation for my Ballot Measure 11 case?

A:    The attorneys at Coit & Payment have extensive experience representing Ballot Measure 11 defendants throughout the State of Oregon. Our attorneys provide diligent representation for Measure 11 crimes in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Coburg, Oakridge, Florence, Albany, Salem, and throughout many remaining counties of Oregon. In the course of representation, our lawyers at Coit & Payment will defend clients aggressively. We will attend every stage of the proceedings, work to get our clients released from jail, investigate the case fully, develop and argue complex legal issues, and either effectively try the case to a jury or work toward a dismissal or negotiated plea resolution. Although no one can ever be certain of the outcome of a case, you can be sure the attorneys of Coit & Payment will do everything possible to provide you or your loved one with excellent and cutting edge legal representation for your Oregon Ballot Measure 11 case.

Q:    If I or a loved one am charged with a Ballot Measure 11 offense in Oregon, what should I do?

A:    Call the attorneys at Coit & Payment for a free consultation in our Eugene office.
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