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Our attorneys at Coit & Payment, P.C. are experienced appellate advocates in criminal law, family law and administrative appeals. Appeals for criminal convictions, stalking orders, restraining orders, custody cases or administrative decisions are a regular practice at Coit & Payment.

Our reported decisions include:
  • Dept. of Human Services v. T. C. A., 240 Or App 769, 248 P3d 24, A145369 (2011)
  • Travis v. State of Oregon v. Potter, 236 Or App 563, 237 P3d 868 , A140320 (2010)
  • Buxton v. Storm, 236 Or App 578, 238 P3d 30, A136958 (2010)
  • Ross v. Holt, 224 Or App 405, 198 P3d 437 (2008)
  • State v. Harris, 339 Or 157, 118 P3d 236 (2005)
  • State v. Voits, 186 Or App 643, 64 P3d 1156 (2003)
  • Pahl v. Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 164 Or App 378, 993 P2d 149 (1999)
  • State v. Bishop, 157 Or App 33, 967 P2d 1241 (1998)

Our Oregon appellate lawyers will explain the appeal process in a no-nonsense and common sense fashion. Our lawyers have successfully appealed cases in the Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court and will work with you to achieve the best results. Call today for a consultation with our appeal lawyers. Our appeal attorneys will provide representation of appeal cases in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Coburg, Oakridge, Florence, Albany, Salem, and throughout many remaining counties of Oregon.

To set up an appointment to discuss your appeal or post-conviction matter, please contact our offices.
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