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Eugene Criminal Defense Lawyer

Each lawyer on our staff takes pride in providing the best representation in the greater Eugene metropolitan area and beyond. Our attorneys provide effective, aggressive and affordable criminal defense for defendants charged with or suspected of committing crimes in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Coburg, Oakridge, Florence, Albany, Salem, and throughout many remaining cities and counties of Oregon.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand that being charged with a crime is one of the most difficult things one can undergo in life. Our lawyers are experienced in all levels of criminal defense and handle all types of criminal defense cases in Oregon State and Federal courts. Coit & Payment handle cases ranging from the least serious misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. No matter the size or seriousness of your case, a lawyer at Coit & Payment will aggressively tackle the case and understand its importance to you and your family. As such, our attorneys will handle your criminal case with the utmost care, attention to detail, and strictest confidentiality. We will work with you hand-in-hand to provide the best result for your particular criminal defense matter, including:
If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Oregon, call our office for a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer today. It is always best to contact an attorney early in the process to secure important evidence, mitigate damage and protect one’s legal rights.
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