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Recent News: Positive Results in Measure 11 Cases

Measure 11 is a voter-approved "tough on crime" ballot measure that was passed by Oregon voters in the mid-1990's. It has had a profound effect on the practice of criminal defense in this state and has sent prison populations skyrocketing. It has also had a very negative impact on this state from a budgetary standpoint. It has not caused a significant reduction in crime but has caused a significant reduction in the quality of public education. Oregon public schools are currently ranked 49th out of 50 states nationwide. Class size in Eugene's 4J school district is at crisis level 10. It is our hope that someday the voters and the Oregon Legislature will rethink the wisdom of this piece of legislation.

If you are a loved one are charged with a Measure 11 offense, Coit & Payment, P.C. is the law firm you need in your corner. Our recent results on Measure 11 cases include:

State of Oregon v DG : This was a case that involved false allegations of a campus "date rape" in Yamhill County. The charges were Rape in the First Degree (1 count), Sodomy in the First Degree (2 counts), Unlawful Sexual Penetration in the First Degree (1 count) and Sex Abuse in the First Degree (1 count). Attorneys Andrew Coit and Chelsea Payment secured a dismissal for their client before trial by painstakingly investigating the case and accumulating a mountain of evidence which proved their client was innocent.

These are just a few of the Measure 11 cases our firm has been working on in the last year. A large portion of our practice is dedicated to helping retained clients charged with Measure 11 offenses. We are currently accepting new clients charged with Measure 11 offenses. Our attorneys have a state-wide practice and take cases in all counties.

Multnomah County

State v MKCharges:Menacing, Disorderly Conduct, Interfering with a Police officer
 Result:Case dismissed
State v JBCharges:Delivery of Cocaine
 Result:Lengthy prison sentence overturned on appeal
State v BLCharges:Felony DUII
 Result:Case dismissed for insufficient evidence
State v WDCharges:Felony DUII
 Result:Case dismissed following motion to dismiss for speedy trial violation
State v FOCharges:Assault Public Safety Officer, Resisting Arrest
 Result:Case dismissed
State v VPCharges:Manslaughter in the First Degree
 Result:Judgment of acquittal granted on first degree manslaughter
JL v StateCharges:Multiple Measure 11 Sex Abuse
 Result:Post conviction relief granted, prior conviction overturned
State v CCCharges:DUII
 Result:Case dismissed following judgment of acquittal
State v JMCharges:Domestic violence assault and harassment
 Result:Case dismissed after hung jury

Washington County

State v SR Charges:Sexual Abuse in the First Degree
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict
State v JWCharges:Assault in the Third Degree
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict
State v KLCharges:Carrying a Concealed Weapon
 Result:Case dismissed following successful motion to suppress evidence
State v DWCharges:Possession of Methamphetamine
 Result:Case dismissed following successful motion to suppress evidence
State v ZHCharges:Numerous Burglary First Degree and Theft First Degree
 Result:Motion to suppress granted in part, numerous charges dismissed, sentence on remaining charges overturned by Oregon Supreme Court
State v JBCharges:Domestic violence assault and harassment
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict all charges

Clackamas County

State v SGCharges:Multiple Counts Criminal Mistreatment and Domestic Violence Assault
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict; all remaining counts dismissed
State v AKCharges:Assault 4 and Unlawful Use of a Weapon
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v RGCharges:Menacing
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v GACharges:Menacing, Attempted Assault 4
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v JECharges:DUII (.16 bac)
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict
State v KBCharges:Manslaughter in the First Degree, Hit and Run
 Result:Judgment of acquittal granted by court on first degree manslaughter

Yamhill County

State v DGCharges:Rape, Sodomy, Unlawful Sexual Penetration, Sexual Abuse, Sodomy

Lane County

State v ABCharges:Interfering with Making a Report, Assault 4, Strangulation
State v ARCharges:DUII and Reckless Driving
City of Springfield v VPCharges:Disorderly Conduct & Interfering with a Police Officer
State v JKCharges:Menacing and Recklessly Endangering another Person (Constituting Domestic Violence)
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v THCharges:Assault 4
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v LACharges:Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants
 Result:Case Dismissed with Prejudice
State v RGCharges:Menacing
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v DWCharges:Menacing
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict
State v SHCharges:Felony Impersonation of a Police Officer
 Result:Case dismissed
State v BHCharges:Delivery and Possession of a Controlled Substance
 Result:Case dismissed
State v JBCharges:Manufacture and Possession of a Controlled Substance; Felony Child Neglect
 Result:Case dismissed
State v DCCharges:Assault in the Fourth Degree and other domestic violence charges
 Result:Case dismissed
State v JCCharges:Measure 11 child pornography
 Result:Plea negotiated to misdemeanor invasion of privacy, no sex offender registration required
State v CJCharges:Child Neglect Second Degree
 Result:Case dismissed
State v DNCharges:Criminal Mischief
 Result:Case dismissed
State v ADCharges:Possession of a Controlled Substance
 Result:Case dismissed
State v SSCharges:Hit and Run
 Result:Case dismissed
USA v SDCharges:Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver
 Result:Federal case dismissed in exchange for state court plea
City of Eugene v CXCharges:Domestic Violence Assault Charges
 Result:Case dismissed

Tillamook County

State v LWCharges:Measure 11 Assault in the Second Degree
 Result:Case dismissed
State v RSCharges:Measure 11 Robbery in the First Degree
 Result:Several days into trial, plea negotiated to non-measure 11 robbery

Coos County

State v JTCharges:Criminal Mistreatment in the 1st Degree; Assault in the 4th Degree
 Result:Case dismissed

Marion County

State v MJ Charges:Two Counts of Assault 3, DUII, Reckless Endangering
 Result:Plea negotiated to one count DUII; all other charges dismissed

Linn County

State v BBCharges:Harassment and Reckless Driving
 Result:Case Dismissed
State v LWCharges:Child Endangering
 Result:Not guilty (medical marijuana defense successfully asserted)
State v RDCharges:Delivery Controlled Substance
 Result:Guilty plea withdrawn, case dismissed

Benton County

State v MM Charges:Prostitution
 Result:Not guilty jury verdict
State v KDCharges:Assault 4 and Strangulation
 Result:Case Dismissed

Curry County

State v JWCharges:Felon in Possession of a Firearm
 Result:Not Guilty

Lincoln County

State v KTCharges:Criminal Trespass in the First and Second Degree

Disclaimer: Although these are actual results from actual cases, they are not necessarily typical results and no guarantees are made about results for individual cases or types of cases.
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