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The lawyers at Coit & Payment have extensive experience in providing the best legal representation for sex offenses and crimes in Oregon. Other than murder, there are no crimes in Oregon as serious as sex offenses. Convictions for sex offenses in Oregon often carry large mandatory minimum prison sentences under Ballot Measure 11.

The lawyers at Coit & Payment understand the seriousness and complexity of these offenses and work diligently to provide the best legal representation for all types of sex offenses including rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, child molestation, unlawful sexual penetration, statutory rape and acquaintance/date rape.

If you or a loved one is charged with a sex offense in Oregon, you need immediate legal assistance from an experienced and aggressive attorney. Call the law offices of Coit & Payment today for a free consultation in our Eugene office.

Q:   I have been accused of a sexual misconduct, but have not been formally charged yet.  Do I need a lawyer?

A:    If at all possible, hire a lawyer to protect your legal interests prior to formally being charged with a sex offense. The lawyers of Coit & Payment have extensive experience representing persons accused of sex offenses in Oregon during both the pre-indictment stage and post-indictment stage. Our attorneys aggressively investigate cases, secure and analyze important evidence, and prepare your case in a manner designed to achieve excellent results for their clients charged with sex crimes in Oregon.

Q:    I am being charged with a sex crime.  What should I do?

A:    Call the lawyers at Coit & Payment for a free consultation today in our Eugene office.  We will provide you with the earliest available appointment.
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